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WIJ ZIJN We are Bolwerk

Bolwerk is a household name in Haarlem. The lively practice has been operating on the Staten Bolwerk for over 70 years nearby Haarlem Central Station. To us, midwifery means ‘personal case’ with attention to your wishes where safety and good medical care are paramount.

Natural Birth Care

Besides the physical process of your pregnancy and birth we focus on what this means emotionally to you, your partner and the child. Because besides the birth of your child you are both ‘born’ as parents. Each child is unique and will walk his or her own way in this life. To start this journey as good as possible we value the ‘own way’ in which this path is taken.

To offer the right care for you and your child, we take into consideration what thoughts and feelings are important to you as a guiding principle. Together we give substance to the care and create optimal conditions by closely listening and feeling what suits you best.

It is important to let each child familiarise with the world in its own way.

During the birth a child undergoes a huge change. Together with Natuurlijke Kraamzorg (Natural Maternity Care) we look at how we can guide and support this transition as good and properly as possible.


Bolwerk collaborates with all kinds of organisations to offer optimal quality. We also own an ultrasound center“de Schoot”. That is where we conduct ultrasound scans and examinations of which the quality is regularly tested by the Amsterdam UMC.