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During your pregnancy you will meet our whole team. After all, you will never know who will be on duty when your labor begins. Below we introduce ourselves shortly.

Joyce Headley-Janse

Joyce Headley-Janse, midwife since 2009. “I was born in 1983 in this practice with the helping hand of my current colleague Marja. I graduated in Amsterdam in 2009. From that moment on i started stepping in for the Bolwerk and never left. When I became part of the regular team of midwives in 2011 it felt like coming home. Guiding pregnant women, soon to be fathers, brothers and sisters doesn’t feel like work to me, but an honour to be allowed into this special event. It remains fascinating how the body has thought of everything and how strong women are. In 2012 i successfully completed the training for lactation consultant. In practice i also use this knowledge and expertise for questions and problems related to breastfeeding. In 2013 and 2016 i became a mother myself of two lovely sons James and George.

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I was born on my work”

Nienke Anker

Every time at work I encounter the amazement, how special it is to be able to experience this. How often are you pregnant, how often do you carry and deliver your own child? That requires attention, medical examination but a listening ear as well to know what the soo to be parents are going through and what they need.
Midwifery is a craft to me. I keep learning through the variety of people and the progress of their pregnancy, labor and birth of a new human. Besides the academy for midwifery i also graduated for my master’s degree in midwifery. I am an active board member in various organisations that focus on the organisation of health care around pregnancy and birth. I children’s consulting hour and planned pregnancy consulting hour in the practive and i use the Coaching and Midwifery course that i have followed at
Amethist. I have two beautiful children, 7 and 11 years old.

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Midwifery is a craft to me.”

Sophie Bouwes

When I was 13 years old I was allowed to attend the birth of my youngest brother, Moos. This wonderful event made me realize ‘Wow! You can just do this as a job!’.

Because my other dream job, becoming a singer (and of course very famous) was still a priority at that time, it took a few more years before I made the switch to midwifery. I started my study in Amsterdam and moved to Haarlem. When I was allowed to do my very first internship at Bolwerk, I fell in love with this fine & small practice and I knew that I had made the right choice. Since January 1, 2022 I can also call myself co-owner of Bolwerk. A dream come true! And yes … I’m still singing!

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Every time I find it moving that I can contribute to one of the most special, vulnerable and most beautiful moments in someone’s life.

Charlotte de Deugd

I graduated as a midwife in 2016. I started as a nurse, but soon found out that obstetrics/midwifery has it all for me. Being part of a small team, guiding parents and literally seeing them grow during the months that they visit the practice, racing in the city to a birth and the home visits during the maternity period.
I really can’t think of anything that suits me better.
In September 2021 I moved from Amsterdam to the “Amsterdamse Buurt” with my boyfriend and I joined team Bolwerk! I am still busy discovering the city and I like to explore. I am also very fond of cooking and I always think about what I am going to eat for the next meal. I have recently started helping in an allotment and I can completely immerse myself in a good book.

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Assistants Inge & Tessa

We (almost) can’t work without our lovely assistants Inge and Tessa. Inge is a physician assistant but has been working at the Bolwerk since 2009 and works on Monday-Wednesday-Thursday mornings. Tessa started working here in the beginning of 2019 and works on the Friday mornings. During the holidays these ladies fill in for each other so you can also spot them at a different day. Got a question and are you calling our practice? Chances are that you’ll be talking to one of these ladies.