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Since 2014 midwifes are authorised to prescribe place oral contraception and place an IUD A logical result of the information that we give in the childbed about contraception. We think it is a positive development that women who just gave birth can come to us for this. Therefore, Nienke and Marja took additional training and have setup a contraception consultation hour. In addition to their authority they also posses the ability to provide contraception care of the highest quality.

Copper IUD

A copper IUD is a hormone free contraceptive and gradually gives of tiny amounts of copper. Copper paralyses the sperm cells that enter the womb and makes them inactive so fertilisation can not occur.
A copper IUD also works as a morning after IUD if it is placed within 5 days of unprotected intercourse. The copper IUD makes the endometrium unsuitable for nesting of a possibly fertilised egg cell.

The T-safe copper IUD is very reliable and is registered for a period of use of 10 years. Of course, you can place the T-safe for a shorter timespan, for example in between two pregnancies. You can purchase the T-safe IUD from us. If you are additionally insured and are eligible for compensation by your insurer you will need to get the T-safe IUD from the pharmacy with a prescription written by us. The T-safe IUD costs 69 euro.

Hormonal IUD

The hormonal IUD causes the mucous in the cervical head to become tougher, which makes it harder for sperm cells to penetrate. In addition, the ovulation is sometimes suppressed and the endometrium becomes unsuited for nesting of a possibly fertilised egg cell.

The Mirena IUD is very reliable and is registeren for a period of use of 5 years. Since 2017 the ‘little sister’ of this IUD, named Kyleena, appeared on the international market, which is even smaller and releases a lower dosage. So in contradiction to other types of IUD Kyleena ‘only’ influences one aspect of your womb, but is just as safe. This makes the Kyleena IUD possible appealing to people that have a sensitivity for hormones in other contraceptives.  This IUD is exceptionally suitable for girls and women that have never given birth before. Both the Mirena and Kyleena work for five years as a contraceptive. Of course, you can place your hormonal IUD for a shorter timespan, for example in between two pregnancies. The hormonal IUD needs to be collected from the pharmacy with a prescription written by us. The IUD costs about 160 euro.


Usually you need to pay the IUD yourself, the placement will be declared at your health insurance company. You can always call us to be informed and to maken an appointment, should you wish to do so.

Oral Contraception, ‘the pill’

After the birth of your child you have the possibility to take ‘the pill’ as a contraceptive. If you are breastfeeding you are advised to take a pill without estrogen, the ‘mini pill’ also known as Cerazette.

Natural Method

LAM, lactational amenorrhea method, reliability between 0-10%, 0-10% becomes pregnant within a year when using this method correctly. With this method the mother still provides breastfeeding. The hormonal balance is still different due to breastfeeding. Conditions for this method are: A maximum of 6 hours between 2 feedings.

With this pill there is no pill-free week, so you take the pill every day. For proper functioning is it advisable to take the pill on a set time every day. Because the pill does not have a pill-free week it does not have any influence on your menstruation. A pill without estrogen can change your menstruation, decrease it or even completely eliminate menstruation. The pill can be taken from 6 weeks after giving birth.

If you are not breastfeeding then you can discuss which pill suits you best with your general practitioner or your midwife. The pill can be taken from 2 of 3 weeks after giving birth.