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Your own birth plan

In the birth plan you can specify your preferences regarding the labor. The midwife will try to take these preferences into account and accommodate these wishes as much as possible. The midwife always puts the safety of you and your baby up front and may deviate from the birth plan for safety reasons.
It may also happen that you change your mind during labor. After all you never know how you will respond to labor on forehand. Of course, you are free to deviate from the initial birth plan. You can specify any special requests or wishes in the birth plan.

Well begun is half done


Midwives work in shifts. The midwife on duty will stand by your side during childbirth. Unfortunately, it is not possible to specify a preference for a certain midwife, practically this would not be feasible.



There are students of the departement of Midwifery Science in our practice. Depending on the grade and level of the intern she will conduct actions autonomously. An intern always works under the responsibility of the midwife and will never guide a childbirth alone. The midwife will always be present. In case you are not comfortable with having an intern present at your childbirth, please indicate this. The midwife will always ask for permission up front for having an intern attend the childbirth.

Home birth

During a home birth or an outpatient birth the midwife is supported by a maternity nurse, the midwife calls the maternity nurse during the childbirth to assist you. In a hospital this support is done by a nurse if the childbirth has a medical indication. Often times this nurse has multiple patients so it might be possible that she does not stay with you all the time.


Water birth

We have extensive experience with guiding water births. This can be done in your own birth bath or in a hospital under supervision in the delivery rooms. Are you interested in a water birth in the hospital? Please inform us timely during a consultation hour and we will tell you the ins and outs.

Birthing chair

The midwife usually carries a birthing chair. A birthing chair may also be available in the hospital. There usually is a possibility for giving birth on a birthing chair under our guidance, even in the hospital. Please indicate whether or not you have a preference for giving birth on a birthing chair or another position (hands, knees, sitting, squatted, in bath).


Cut or episiotomy

A cut is only done on medical grounds. For example, if the baby is in need of if there is insufficient space. In principle a local anaesthetic is always applied when a cut or stitching is done.

Skin to skin

If both mother and child are doing well you will get the baby on your bare chest. Here your baby can gently land and of course be admired by the parents.

Umbilical cord

When possible, we always let the umbilical cord beat out. You can cut the umbilical cord yourself or appoint someone else to do so. We are open to Lotus birth and carry cord rings in case you want to cut the umbilical cord.



Immediately after giving birth the baby will be on your chest. When handing over the child it will start crawling to the chest by itself, the  “breast crawl” We can also help your baby find your chest within an hour of birth.”


Medical indication

The midwife will coordinate everything in accordance with you and your partner. If a medical indication occurs some choices may be limited. The midwife will inform you which policy she wants to follow and explain why the thinks that is the best choice. When complications occur during birth it may become impossible to consult you before making certain decisions.

The midwife sometimes needs to act immediately for the in favour of you or your child. Afterwards the midwife will explain what she did and why. When a medical indication occurs during giving birth, the midwife will transfer you to the gynaecologist of assistant-doctor of the gynaecologist. When possible, the midwife will come with you to the hospital to transfer the progress so far to the hospital.

After that the gynaecologist is completely responsible for your childbirth and will guide you further. The midwife can stay with you for support but does not have an active role anymore.

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