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If you are just pregnant, fully pregnant or new parents, read here what the COVID-19, or Corona virus, specifically means for you and the obstetric care that you now receive from us as your obstetrician.

On March 13, the Dutch Organization of Midwives (KNOV) gave advice on how to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. Various measures are being taken to minimize the risk of infection, for you both you as future parents, but also for us as healthcare providers. The most recent measures took effect on september 29th ’20 and will apply at least until october, 2020.

A result of the measures, we have adjusted our procedures, as we explain below. At our practice we do our utmost to provide the same personal care as always whilst minimizing direct contact to prevent the spread of the virus. We hope and know that these measures are temporary and would like to thank you sincerely for your understanding.

We would like to emphasize that you can continue to count on our maximum commitment to good midwifery care. We are at your service day and night and are therefore available 24 hours everyday, just for you and your baby.


Data obtained so far tell us the virus poses no greater threat to pregnant women and infants (both unborn and newborn) than to other healthy individuals.

Until now, no pregnant woman has been known to have had the mother’s Corona virus in the abdomen during pregnancy. Also, during delivery, no baby has become ill from the mother’s Corona virus. Babies in the abdomen and after delivery have been examined to see if they have the Corona virus. The virus was not detected in the amniotic fluid, in the blood in the umbilical cord, in the baby’s throat and in breastfeeding. However, a parent who has the Corona virus can infect the baby after delivery. For example, when they hug their baby. It is therefore extra important for new parents to follow the hygiene measures of the RIVM.

With the studies known so far, pregnant women with the Corona virus no more often have a miscarriage or pregnancy loss than pregnant women who are not infected with the Corona virus. Slightly more babies are born prematurely from mothers who have the Corona virus. However, we are not yet sure whether this is really due to the Corona virus.

You can safely breastfeed. It has been investigated whether the virus passes into the breastmilk. So far this has not been established. If you carry the Corona virus with you, you can simply breastfeed, but a number of precautions are required.
The importance of following the hygiene measures applies to both pregnant women and everyone in her surroundings.

The midwifery checks

The midwifery checks are different because of the national measures that have been taken. We strictly follow these measures to safeguard everyone’s health. 

Intake / the first appointment 

If you are just pregnant, register online or call our practice. However, the intake will not take place in our practice, but by telephone or video call. All important information is discussed, urgent medical appointments are planned and there is enough time for all other questions.

Here is a handy link to see how we contact you via a video call. The calls are made through the pregnancy portal and we invite you to create an account after making your appointment with us. https://www.zwangerenportaal.nl/video-consult-met-verloskundige.

 After your registration at Bolwerk you receive an email with the invitation for Zwangerenportaal, it’s safe to open!

Follow-up checks
Do not come to the practice without an appointment. 

Always call us if you want to have a face to face consultation with one of us. If you or your familymembers have a fever (> 38.0 measured rectally), AND if you have respiratory complaints or you cough a lot, please contact us by telephone and contact your own GP or familydoctor.

Checks are only done if they are medically necessary and we ask you to come without extra persons. We ask you to bring and wear a mouth mask at our practice. Of course we, midwives, will wear a mask as well. 
We take the time for your questions and to share our information with you. You will only come to the strictly necessary medical checks in practice. We will keep this moment as short as possible. Naturally, we observe the hygiene measures.
Do not bring any extra people to the practice: partners & children are not allowed. They may of course be present by means of video calling / facetime etc. Your Partner is only welcome at the 35wks appointment to talk about the delivery and discussing your birth plan.  

– Most scheduled pregnancy checks continue as normal.
However, the intake and pregnancy checks around 24 and 33 weeks can in many cases take place by telephone. Per pregnancy we examine what is best. If we want to convert a check at the practice into a telephone appointment, we will call you in advance. So if you haven’t heard from us, just come to the practice at the scheduled time.
Come to the check at the practice in time but not too early. We prefer to have a maximum of 1 person in the our waiting room.

– The checks are a maximum of 15minutes; we only measure blood pressure and check your baby’s growth and your belly. The rest of the procedure (providing additional information, opportunity for you to ask questions) will be done by telephone if it takes longer than 15minutes. 

– We will not shake hands with you in the near future.

– Since the Corona virus also attaches to objects, we have stored books, magazines, toys and the like from the waiting room. The waiting room is therefore quite bare.

We urge you  (and your partner) to wear a mouth mask, for your safety but also ours. This way we avoid having to quarantine ourselves if a client later turns out to be infected with Corona.


Ultrasounds are done when they are medically necessary. These include the first term ultrasound around 10wks and the ultrasound around the 20th week. Similar to the checks: do not bring any other people to the ultrasoundcentre “de Schoot” and wear a mouth mask.
Fun ultrasounds or ultrasounds at your own request are possible but you have to come alone.


Under our guidance, you still have the choice of giving birth at home or in the hospital. We hope that this choice remains possible. If this changes, we will inform you as soon as possible. If you are going to give birth in the hospital, only one attendant may be present at birth (and at all in the hospital), not even in the corridor or anywhere else in the hospital. It is important to know that the person who is with you during the delivery must not have any flu-like symptoms of Corona virus. The extra attendant has to wear a mouth mask. 

As long as Corona remains a threat to your and our health, bath deliveries or water births are still possible both at home and in the Spaarne Gasthuis.


The maternity period

You can continue to count on the care of a maternity nurse at home.
We also ask you on behalf of the maternity care not to receive any visitors when the maternity nurses are at your home. This is to reduce (social) contacts as much as possible and keep the chance of spreading the virus or infection as low as possible.
Advice for the maternity family is not to receive any visitors for as long as the government measures are in place. If you still want to receive a visitor, then only if that visitor does not have any flu-like symptoms.
The visits at home, from us as midwives, will only be made if medically necessary. We keep in regular contact by telephone or video call during maternity week. And you can always contact us if you have questions or are unsure about what to do.


Due to Corona virus, the way we have to work in the coming weeks is a very different from our usual engaged and personal obstetric care. While sticking to the strict measures as long as it takes, we will provide you with our best care, as always. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

We will notify you by email of any new changes or updates. We will also communicate changes via our website and Instagram @verloskundigenbolwerk .

What to do with flu-like symptoms

If you have throat or airway symptoms: you sniff, you cough a lot and you have a fever (> 38.0 measured rectally), please call us. The general advice will be to let nature run its course. If (midwives) care is needed for your symptoms, we will ensure that you receive it in the right way.

Mocht je meer betrouwbare informatie zoeken over coronavirus in de zwangerschap, kijk dan op “de verloskundige”.

Is je zwangerschapscursus komen te vervallen en wil je je toch online gaan voorbereiden dan zie je hieronder enkele tips die we voor jullie op een rijtje hebben gezet:

Cursus in tijden van Corona

Samen Bevallen (also in English!)
Op heel veel plaatsen in het land worden er interactieve live streams en webinars aangeboden, zie www.samenbevallen.nl

Bevalwijzer (also in English!)
Online cursus van €89, ongeveer 4 uur. En, in verband met Corona wordt 15% van het cursusbedrag gedoneerd aan het Rode Kruis, zie www.bevalwijzer.nl

Studio Mama Flow Haarlem
Biedt nu yoga aan via ZOOM in verband met Corona, zie http://www.studiomamaflow.nl/mama-flow

Yoga Kleverpark Haarlem
Biedt nu yoga aan online in verbad met Corona, zie https://yogastudiokleverpark.nl/

Zwangerencursus Jessica van Eenige Haarlem
Nu online in verband met Corona, zie https://www.zwangerencursus.nl/

Mindful Zwanger & Bevallen
Normaal €197,- voor 8 lessen, nu online en speciale prijs vanwege Corona: €49,97, zie www.mindfulzwangerenbevallen.nl

Mind in Geboorte
Er worden online trainingen/meditaties en consulten gegeven. Extra i.v.m. de huidige situatie: gratis online ochtendmeditatie voor zwangeren via Zoom op maandag t/m vrijdag tussen 10.00 en 10.45 uur, zie www.mindingeboorte.nl

Een online bevalcursus (alles over de bevalling dus) of een complete online zwangerschapscursus (naast bevallen, ook over zwangerschap, kraamtijd en babyvoeding) http://www.ostarazwangerschapscursus.nl

Baby op komst
De cursus “Goed Voorbereid Bevallen” bevat 14 video’s en 10 downloads en 6 maanden toegang (€74,95). De online bevalcursus “HypnoBirthing” bevat 14 video’s en 8 downloads en 6 maanden toegang (€74,95), zie https://babyopkomst.tv/cursussen-goed-voorbereid-bevallen/

Belly Buddy
Alle cursussen via een LIVE STREAM te volgen, thuis via je eigen computer of mobiel. Zolang de corona-maatregelen van kracht zijn, is er virtueel mogelijkheid om te helpen voorbereiden op de bevalling. Ook individuele sessies zijn via deze Live Stream mogelijk. Hypnobirthing, eendaagse geboortereis, opfriscursus… zie bellybuddy.nl/nl/aanbod/

Hypnobirthing Muchamama
Meerdere opties: Online&Live GROEP cursus (maximaal 4 stellen), Online&Live PRIVE cursus (1 op 1 met docente), Online&live SOLO cursus (maximaal 5 vrouwen), zie https://www.muchamama.nl/hypnobirthing-cursussen-online-live/

Colour Your Cloud
“Jouw bevalling in jouw handen” (€47 voor 11 videolessen, werkbladen, visualisaties, checklist partner, 9 maanden toegang) en minicursus ‘Rust en ritme met je baby’ (€27) zie https://colouryourcloud.com

Online cursus, voor €5,99 per maand toegang tot de hele cursus, zie www.zwngr.nl

Online Geboorte Academie
€47, of inclusief vragensessie €97, zie https://onlinegeboorteacademie.nl/

Via Mama
15 lessen online voor €90 door een verloskundige. Om je voor te bereiden op de bevalling maar ook op het gehele moeder-en vaderschap, zie www.viamama.nl

Online cursus ‘Borstvoeding’ (aanbieding! €99) en ‘Wat baby’s nodig hebben’ (€197) zie www.kiind.nl