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Getting pregnant and becoming older is not just a significant period for women. Getting older is just as substantial for the soon to be father. In our practice we notice that soon that expectant fathers also have questions about being pregnant, childbirth and the time after. Come to the consultation hour and let us know how we can support you as well.


Fathership course

Because recent research shows that fathers-to-be also want to be informed about pregnancy and childbirth, David Borman, a male midwife and a father himself create a special course just for men. Because we received so many enthusiastic responses on this course, we brought a part of David’s course to Haarlem. The course “Tackling things for expecting fathers – The Childbirth” or “Aanpakken voor aanstaande vaders – de Bevalling” will be given in ultrasound center de Schoot.

Soon to be dad?

Becoming a dad soon? Let us support you with all your dad-questions about leave at work, approach or childbirth.


As partner you have the right to short leave to be with the childbirth and to report your child to the civil registry. In addition, you are entitled to five work days of leave. If your child is born at home you need to take the leave in four weeks after the child birth. If your child is born in the hospital you need to take your leave within four weeks of leaving the hospital with the baby.
A partner is legally obliged to update the employer as soon as possible to inform when the leave if taken. This can be verbally or in written form. The leave does not reduce the amount of vacation time and the salary will be paid continuously. Some CAO or collective labor agreements contain agreements on leave. A partner always has the right to use the minimum amount of lawfully determined leave days; the employer is not allowed to refuse leave.
In addition to the leave you can take parental leave as a partner. Each parent with children younger than eight years old are entitled to this by law.


In The Netherlands the presence of a father is desired and the norm. What his role is exactly is unclear for a lot of men. David Borman, male midwife, researcher and trainer developed the course “Tackling things for expecting fathers” or “Aanpakken voor aanstaande vaders – de Bevalling” in Dutch.


You can find inspiring fathers “on social media.” Check out vdrs.nl if you like and follow them on Instagram.