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Nutrition during pregnancy

During pregnancy it is important to eat fresh, health and varied. The five basic food groups can help you with that. To prevent unnecessary weight gain during pregnancy it is sensibele to eat healthy and varied. So, what exactly do you need?


  • Drink 1.5 to 2 liters each day
  • Don’t drink more than 2 cups of coffee or cola per day

Cereal products

Cereal products are important to get enough carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, B vitamins, calcium and iron. Think bread, breakfast cereal, potatoes, legumes, rice, pasta and couscous. 

Vegatables and fruit

  • 2 pieces of vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit is what you need on a daily basis tot get sufficient folic acid, fibers and potassium.
  • They help to improve your blood pressure.
  • They are relatively low on calories; help you maintain weight and contribute to a healthy stool.
  • Vary between different sorts of vegetables and fruitsas much as possible.
  • Wash raw vegetables and fruit thoroughly. Uncleaned vegetables and fruit sometimes contain pathogens that cause toxoplasmosis among other things.


Dairy products and meat or meat substitutes, fish or eggs

  • Required for proteins, fish fatty acids, iron, calcium and B vitamins.
  • Proteins are required for the production of tissue in you and your baby.
  • Do not eat soft cheeses made from raw milk (‘au lait cru’). Raw milk can grow the listeria bacteria. These bacteria can have harmful consequences for the baby. Pasteurised milk or pasteurised milk cheeses can be consumed without any risk.
  • Do not eat raw or rosé meat like filet americain or roast beef.
  • It is preferable not to eat liver but if you do limit this to one product a day. Liver contains a lot of A vitamins. Ingesting too much A vitamins has harmful consequences on your baby.

Fat (unsaturated) and oil

  • They deliver essential nutrients such as A, D, E vitamins and essential fatty acids. These are the type of fatty acids your body cannot create on its own.
  • Fat provides you with energy and is an important fuel for the body.
  • Unsaturated fats decrease the chances of cardiovascular decease and is good for your cholesterol levels.
  • D vitamins are important for your bones and the proper functioning of your body cells.


  • Eating for two is unnecessary.
  • Do not do on a diet to lose weight during your pregnancy. When you start losing weight during your pregnancy harmful substances can enter your blood stream and reach your unborn baby.
  • If you want to fast while pregnant discuss this with your midwife. It is often not advisable to fast during your pregnancy.
  • Don’t you eat meat or fish? Pay attention to getting enough B vitamins and iron. B vitamins are mainly found in whole grain products, potatoes, legumes, eggs and dairy products. Legumes and eggs are an important source of iron, just like meat substitutes.
  • Do not eat fatty snacks and avoid high sugar desserts.