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The Maternity Period

The maternity period is intense, especially when you just had your first child. You will have to recover from giving birth, your body will need to recover from nine months of pregnancy.

The Maternity Nurse

Everyone including the baby will have to adjust to the new situation. A period in which you can use every bit of rest, as well as help and advice. That is why it is of utmost importance that a maternity nurse is around to assist and guide you a few hours per day. We will visit you regularly in the first week for checks and further guidance.
We collaborate with the maternity nurse. If everything goes well and you are confident enough, we will end the contact after about a week. For now, you can still reach us at our mobile number, so you can call us any time when you experience worries, need care, have complaints or questions.

About six days after giving birth, in the childbed, the and hearing test will be conducted on the baby. This will also be the first contact you will have with the well baby clinic, or the. as it is known in The Netherlands. The JGZ (Jeugdgezondheidszorg) or Youth Health Care will take over the care of your healthy baby. You will go there every month for check ups and examinations, but you can also ask them for help, if necessary. Besides the regular well baby clinic, it is possible to attend the anthroposophic well baby clinic in the Therapeuticum. See what feels good and suits you best.

Even when you were brought to the hospital under guidance of the gynaecologist and spent the pregnancy and delivery in the hospital, we will guide your maternity bed. About six weeks after your delivery there is an opportunity for a follow-up check in our practice. You can make an appointment for that on your own terms with the midwife that would like to see you again. We will review your delivery and check whether you are physically recovered. We would like to know how the baby and you are doing. During this consultation. we discuss planned parenthood again. This appointment is also our last one for this pregnancy, we will therefore like to hear how you have experienced our care and hope that you will fill our the survey that we will send you via email.

Questions about the maternity time? Call us

It is important to register your child in the municipality where your child was born. Usually this is the father’s task but others that were present during the childbirth are also allowed to take on this task. Meer information on the acknowledgement, birth registration and specific questions regarding being born in the municipality of Haarlem can be found on the internet or at the municipality itself.

By acknowledging and registering the baby you are not yet the lawful representative as a partner/father. For this you need to request joint authority together as parents. Using this form, you can easily request joint authority with the other parent digitally. Both parents will need to log in via DigiD. You need the Burger Service Number (BSN) or social security number of your child to complete the form. After filling in the form the request will be processed.