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Ultrasounds during your pregnancies are performed in our own ultrasound center de Schoot by our experienced ultrasound specialists that use the latest equipment. Do you need more? No problem. It is always possible to make extra ultrasounds or a fun-ultrasound (in 3D and 4D) or to come listen to the heart more often.


There are various reasons to make an ultrasound during pregnancy, this can be a medical ultrasound but also own at your own request. For example, in the first trimester you can use an early ultrasound to see if the heart is beating. At the same time, we will examine whether the pregnancy is occurring in the right place (in the womb) and whether there are twins or multiples.

Want to get an ultrasound? Our experienced ultrasound specialists will gladly take care of this for you.


Regular ultrasounds during pregnancy:

  • 10-22 weeks; the dating ultrasound examination
  • 18-22 weeks; structural ultrasound examination, the “20 weeks ultrasound”

During pregnancy two ultrasounds are compensated by your health insurance by default. In addition, reasons for extra ultrasound examinations can arise, for example for examine the growth or the positioning. Do you want to schedule more ultrasound examinations yourself? That’s always allowed.

On request

An ultrasound on request can be scheduled at any time during your pregnancy. Sometimes it can give you an extra feeling of certainty in the beginning of your pregnancy. When you had a miscarriage earlier you can get an early ultrasound (vitality ultrasound). The midwife will take care of a referral and this ultrasound will be compensated by your health insurance. When you are curious about the gender you can have an ultrasound examination to try and determine whether it is a boy or a girl. This is only possible from 16 weeks into your pregnancy. You are also at the right address for the most beautiful 3D 4D HD live fun ultrasounds. Ultrasounds on request are not compensated by your health insurance. See www.de-schoot.nl for the possibilities and pricing.